What´s Next ?

What´s Next ?


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In this episode im talking to TACO, Taller de Arquitectura Contextual, established in Mérida, Mexico.

Meet Carlos Patron Ibarra.

Get to know a young and ambitious office. Their thoughts on the future living and working space. What must change and what can we as architects do to design ourselves out of the climate crisis. Let´s have a look into the future and get to know their opinion on how the future might look like.

”TACO is a multidisciplinary workshop established in Mérida, Mexico; where architecture, urban design, interior design, landscaping and furniture projects are designed, developed and executed, in an integral way. His practice is grounded in a contextual analysis that encompasses tangible factors such as nature, the built environment, and materiality; as well as intangible factors, such as local culture, user characteristics, constructive feasibility, economic viability, memory and emotions, among others.The base team is made up of young architects, designers, and civil engineers, with masonry, carpentry, blacksmith, and metalwork officers, among others. All of these maintain a constant and close relationship during all stages of the project in order to have a panoramic view of the processes towards a common goal.”


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