What´s Next ?

What´s Next ?

Studio GROSS

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In this episode im talking to Studio GROSS based in Tokyo, Japan.
Meet Anne Groß and Sebastian Groß.
Studio GROSS is an experimental practice defining architecture as a discipline of euphoria.
„Through filmmaking, we expand our field, intending to transmit our observations on the industry to a broader community. Originally from Berlin and trained as generalists during a travelling European Master's Program, we genuinely believe that the profession needs to step out of its bubble and comfort zone towards more attitude and self-efficacy. Current PhD research at Tokyo Institut of Technology shall root our practise within a theoretical framework touching upon the entanglements of our living environment.”


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Visionary podcast talking about What´s Next - Rethinking Architecture.
Let´s take this adventurous ride together exploring What´s Next in the fields of architecture, design and technology.

by Therese-Marie Hinrichs


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