What´s Next ?

What´s Next ?

Atelier Alter

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In this episode im talking to ATELIER ALTER based in New York and Beijing.
Meet Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu.

Get to know two very ambitious and creative minds.
Besides culture projects, the portfolio of Atelier Alter ranges from small scale furniture design, to residential, commercial and educational facilities, up to large scale urban design, infrastructure and landscape planning. Whether it is architecture, landscape or urban project, the works of Atelier Alter strive for manifesting ideas that speak about humanity, ideas offering critic rather than imitation . Ah and by the way how can we save the world?? New materials ? Stop building at all? Or is this just the cycle of life and we disappear like dinosaurs? Let´s find out together!


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Visionary podcast talking about What´s Next - Rethinking Architecture.
Let´s take this adventurous ride together exploring What´s Next in the fields of architecture, design and technology.

by Therese-Marie Hinrichs


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